Hermes is proud to announce the most innovative an modern software generation hm³

The latest version of the Hermes POS cash register software is featuring a complete modular system and can be implemented as a client-server solution as well as a classical local installation (stand-alone POS system) ans also in a mied operation.

This is made possible through to the new hm³-architecture – separating user-interface, controller and program-core.

This offers a quick and easy way to setup and provide as many centrally managed (controller) POS cash registers as needed at runtime, maintaining a consistent status of the program-core. The user interface could be developed in any programming language desired, from robust and extremely stable WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) to platform independent HTML5, iOS, Android or Windows for cash registers interfaces on mobile devices or Windows Forms.


  • PriceChecker, Quick-Checkout-solution, cash register system for Gastronomy & Catering featuring table management (splitting of bills, the rebooking of tables, etc.)
  • One solution for all POS-applications in your company
  • cash registers on mobile devices (tablet and smartphone)
  • Self-Checkout
  • Quick-cashier für PopUp-Stores, Event-Sales via mobile networks
  • Kiosk-Systems

A central service consolidates all back-office functions of the hm³-system. A Web Application Server provides features like Product-search, Transaction-archive, CRM Information. So hm³ can be integrated seamlessly in your existing IT-infrastructure and is providing all functionalities you need at the point-of-sale.

Modularization of the system, causing higher maintainability and the central system resulting in higher performance and an increased efficiency at the POS.

Due to the open hm³-architecture further sources of information, like Webshops, SRM-Systems, master file date provided by wholesaler , and many other, can be integrated easily.

The Web-Application-Server (WAPS) forms the basis for efficient mechanisms for date-transfer.

  • Connect Server
  • Digital Receipt / Digital Invoice
  • Receipt-Search
  • Product-Search
  • Data Warehouse
  • Fiskale Security (Integration of the efsta-System)

For further information on the new version of the Hermes cash register software go to:³/

Digital Receipt / Digital Invoice

efsta advanced services


Providing digital customer services in the customer communication process holds great future potential for customer retention and the acqusition of new customers. In addition to the Fiscal Security System the European Fiscal Standards Association (efsta) provides the so called “advanced services“ which make it possible to issue digital customer receipts!

How does it work?

Instead of a regular paper-bound repeipt consumers will get a digital receipt deliverd to their smartphone immediately after the purchasing process. Sounds easy – and it offers you even more possibilities regarding customer relationship management via Mobile Marketing.

Der digitale Bon - bieten Sie Ihren Kunden einen Service mit hohem Mehrwert und reagieren Sie auf deren Einkaufsverhalten

New opportunities in mobile marketing…

Get in touch with your customers via Smartphone!

Minimize scatter losses and wasted impressions by making use of information on shopping behaviours as well as the product interests of your customers for well targeted advertising. Additional information – like product recommendations or other product related content (e.g. user manuals) – can be sent to the customers smartphone together with the digital receipt. Due to the flexibility of the efsta-system – your imagination in knows almost no bounds.
Integrate for example product images to create a professional shopping experience and amplify brand attachment.
Advertise relevant cross- and up-selling offers.
Provide additional information of purchased products like Web-links, videos etc.
Issue digital receips in order to optimize your customer loyalty programs (coupons, vouchers bonus, etc.).
Integrate your Marketing campaigns in the digital receipt and reach out to your target group with current offers.


Towards greater customer satisfaction

Due to electronical registration, administration and mobile utilisation of receipts  – the digital receipt is transphered  directly to your customer’s smartphone.
Paper receipts and need to retain them for further use is obsolet. Exchange or return of goods can be supported conveniently by a digital version of the receipt. Reduce paper-receipts and act sustainable.
All transactions are encrypted using state-ot-the-art technology, handled via the efsta-system (Patent Pending) and stored secure for further use. Your customers benefit from highes data protection and data security standards.
The digital receipt via efsta advanced services is integrated in the Hermes cash register-standard and can be used almost out-of-the box without further expenditures.
We are looking forward to your questions regarding all the new possibilities of the new Hermes software generation.

Interacting with anonymous customers

Protect your customer’s privacy – all transactions handled by the efsta-system are encrypted using state-ot-the-art technology!