The hermes concept

We link our innovative technologies with our many years of experience in order to integrate actual trends in our offer. We develop products with pride and passion and in doing so, we put the customer in the absolute focus, always and everywhere.

  1. Our target is to provide our customers with userfriendly and up to date products and services that offer the highest quality and functionality at the same time. The application of our technologies and the collaboration with the best partners worldwide are given priority in the interests of our customers.
  2. We cultivate an open business culture in which a strong, professional team unremittingly tackles new challenges. Above all we respect the individuality of every single coworker and strive for advancing her/his individual abilities.
  3. By assuming responsibilites for the countries we are represented in and honor the respective culture and history, we would like to contribute in a positive manner to the development of a global society.
  4. At all our business activities nature protection, safety as well as well-being of people and the conservation of natural resources rank first – with us data transfer is conducted in an resource saving way.
  5. We are always aiming at maximizing our company value, consistently improving our corporate management and accordingly invest in research and development in order to cope with and exceed the expectations of our customers and partners.