Hermes cash register software for all industries!

Hermes Software combines extensive technological experience with up-to-date know how. We operate throughout the world proven by 10.000 installed systems at 120 enterprises in 20 countries and 12 languages – including country specific particularities. Besides numerous trading companies also service companies are using the Hermes cash register solution. The operation and application of our cash register software is unlimited and supports our customers in their global expansion.

We are primary focusing is on chain-store retailing, furniture retail, food retail sector, wholesale, the service industry and gastronomy & catering, and are providing process expertise and industry specific knowledge for the benefit of our customers.

Susidiaries retail stores

Some of our chain store customers


Furniture trade

Some of our customers in the furniture trade


Retail food industry - wholesale - gastronomy & catering

Some of our customers in the retail food industry, wholesale and gastronomy & catering


Service industry & individual solutions

We provide individual solutions for our customers, here you will find some examples